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uPVC Doors uPVC Doors

As the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home, your entrance door is an important purchase. Behind the stylish appearance of our uPVC doors lies a rigid multi-chambered construction, reinforced with a heart of steel, plus a multi-point locking system that's designed to keep your family safe and secure.

Weathertight seals, insulated door frames and a range of double glazing options ensure that when itís cold and wet outside, youíll be snug and comfortable inside.

Our range includes a wide choice of PVC-u panel doors, sliding patio doors, French doors and bi-fold doors. So you can select a stylish solution for your home that will suit perfectly.

All of our doors are manufactured in-house from the same revolutionary, fully sculptured, uPVC profiles as our windows, thus allowing our doors to match with the rest of your project.

Available options include low height thresholds for those who require wheelchair access, and high-security cylinder options for customers who feel peace of mind is paramount. Integral blinds are also a popular option, as they allow privacy at a slide of a button, but donít interfere with the functionality of our doors.

Call in and see our showroom, as we have many doors on display, and weíre open 7 days a week.

uPVC Panel Doors uPVC Panel Doors

As a main entrance, our uPVC panel doors offer a truly versatile choice, providing the opportunity to mix and match colours and designs, depending on your own requirement.
Different styles of panel or glass can be combined into a residential door that creates the desired effect for your home. View the full range with our online brochure:

uPVC Door Panel Brochure (web booklet) >>

French Doors French Doors

French doors are fantastic for allowing plenty of natural light into your living space, and they can also allow a room to feel much bigger by bringing the outside inside.
On nice days, the doors can be opened right up, so you can enjoy a large clear opening into your garden or conservatory.
French doors made here at Eliments feature a multi-point locking system which has shoot bolts fitted to both opening doors, for enhanced security. Each set of doors has locking handles and matching keys, so thereís no confusion as to which key fits which door. We also fit restrictor stays to open-out French doors, which allow the doors to be held open in light winds, whilst making provision for the doors to open further when required.
A variety of glass options allows you to personalize your doors to suit your property.

Eliments Doors  Eliments Photo Gallery of uPVC Doors

View our photo gallery of uPVC Doors, Composite Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Orangeries, Windows and our High Standards...

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Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors are ideal for maximising views, and functionality. They generally consist of two individual panels, one sliding behind the other on hidden rollers, with a smooth and easy operation.
They're good for freeing-up floor space around the opening, as the movable door isn't hinged, so it doesn't need space to swing into.
On multi-panelled patio doors, sliding panels can be combined with fixed ones, allowing the opening door to be placed in the most convenient location for the functionality of the property.

Bi-folding Doors Bi-folding Doors

Our bi-folding doors are exclusive to Eliments and are made to fit the application perfectly, whether they need to be hung from the top, or bottom running. One of their main features is that they can facilitate a very big clear opening.
We're able to make bi-fold doors that open inwards, although most open outwards, to give the maximum useable space inside (you donít need to keep areas clear for the doors to fold back).
Outward-opening is also preferred because when being opened after wet weather, any water on the doors will fall to the outside of your property.
Various locking configurations are possible, all providing the same security level as our residential doors, to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

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