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Garden rooms- Perfect for blurring the lines between a traditional extension and a conservatory

The definition of the Garden room varies around the world but in the UK it usually refers to a glass framed extension, much like a conservatory, with either a flat solid roof or a pitched tiled roof. The garden room offers a real alternative to people who may have considered a traditional brick-built extension but the benefits are limited compared to a conservatory.

Although a garden room offers more space if does not offer the same benefits in terms of extra light and bringing the garden into your home as a conservatory does. The cost of a garden room is usually slightly more expensive than a conservatory and will also take longer to build.

With a solid roof, a garden room offers more privacy than a glass-roofed conservatory and is also perfect for bungalows due to their low eaves height which is similar to a sunroom. A garden room is a great alternative to a traditional extension as it can be used all year round and remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Garden rooms do not usually require planning permission however due to the solid roof they will need to comply with building regulations. Your Ultra Installer will usually obtain this for you but please double-check with them to ensure this is undertaken.

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