How Upgrading Your Windows Can Help You With The Increased Cost Of Living

Inflation in the UK recently hit a 40 year high, largely due to the rising cost of energy. Naturally, British consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. One way to do that is by making our homes more energy efficient. One of the best ways to reduce home energy consumption is by upgrading your windows.

How Double Glazing Saves Energy and Money

Double glazed windows are also called insulating glass or double paned. Installing two panes creates a sealed pocket of air that prevents the transfer of heat and moisture. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, “heat is lost through single glazing about twice as fast through standard double glazing.” Twice as fast!  That is a huge difference in energy efficiency. That is why the UK government has been upgrading the windows of government buildings, and recommending that consumers upgrade theirs.

Other Benefits of Upgraded Windows

  • Carbon emissions – When you lose less energy, you use less energy. This means you’re generating fewer carbon emissions when you maintain the temperature of your home.
  • Security – Double and triple glazed windows are hard to infiltrate than single glazed windows, so you’re safer from intruders and from storm debris.
  • Noise Reduction – The extra glass and layer of air insulates your home from outdoor noise. This is especially helpful in urban neighborhoods or for homes near major roadways.
  • Ultraviolet Protection – Many windows available today reduce the amount or harmful UV rays that will enter your home. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation causes ailments such as skin cancer.

Triple Glazed Windows

As you would guess, triple glazing involves three panes instead of two, creating two insulating air pockets instead of one. Since it involves more material and labor, they are more expensive to buy and install, but savings are significant. The energy efficiency of a window is measured by the U-Value. Triple glazing has a U-Value of 0, which is the best you can get for keeping the heat in and the cold out. The extra insulation also blocks significantly more noise and UV rays, and makes your home more secure.

What is uPVC?

Everyone’s familiar with PVC plastic, commonly used for plumbing. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. uPVC is unplasticized PVC. It’s more rigid than PVC because it lacks the plasticizers that make regular PVC flexible. This makes it an appropriate material to replace painted wood in home construction. uPVC window frames are more durable than wood window frames because they won’t rot. It’s also low maintenance and inexpensive compared to hardwood timber or aluminum, yet it still works very well with steel.

Energy Ratings

The DECC recommends homeowners look carefully at the energy ratings for any windows you might purchase. C rated materials are cheaper, but A rated windows will insulate better and probably save you money in the long run by reducing your monthly bills for heat and air conditioning. The highest energy rating is A+.

Other Ways to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

  • Curtains – Thick curtains hung close to your windows help to keep heat from escaping. Close them at night but keep them open during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home.
  • Weather Stripping – Make sure the weather stripping around your doors and windows is in good shape, in order to avoid heat transfer.
  • Smart thermostat – Newer thermostats can be set to maintain different temperature limits for times when your home is unoccupied. You can also change the temperature setting when you’re not home using an app.

If you’re looking for new windows, call Eliments. We have a team of uPVC window installers who can provide a free quote for affordable windows for your home. Eliments offers replacement uPVC windows in a range of styles. So whether you need modern, traditional, round, square or arched, you can specify windows that precisely match the style of your home. Your new windows will be measured, made and installed by our team of professionals.

What Happens When You Choose Our Windows?

First we’ll help you pick your frame: either bevelled or sculptured profiles. Both offer superb security features, high energy efficiency and an attractive hand crafted finish.

Next is the colours, and we have a wide range of uPVC colours available for your windows, including various shades of white, red, blue, green, and wooden uPVC styles to suit your own personal style.

uPVC Window Glazing Options

There are a number of high performance glazing options to choose from that will all enhance the performance of your casement windows further. Glazing enables you to make an informed choice when picking the type of window you need, from UV reduction to added security.

We offer the following glazing options for our casement windows:

Standard – Standard glazing includes energy saving technology, winter and daylight comfort.

Comfort – Comfort glazing includes the same benefits as standard glazing, with added winter protection from the cold.

Energy – Energy glazing includes the same benefits as comfort glazing, with added security options.

Security – Security glazing on our windows involves the same benefits as energy glazing, with added security options as well as a reduction in outdoor noise and UV light.

Platinum – Platinum glazing for windows includes the same benefits as security with added noise canceling technology.

Ultimate – Ultimate glazing includes the same benefits as platinum glazing, with added easy maintenance so your windows stay cleaner for longer.

For more information, contact our uPVC window fitters in York, Malton, Harrogate, Driffield, Pocklington and Selby.

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