Comfort uPVC Glazing 

The Comfort Pack for Double-Glazed Windows

Following Saint-Gobain’s glazing options, they have simplified the glass choices into a couple of categories.

Eliments’ Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack is specifically designed to make homes in the Yorkshire area more comfortable during the winter months. In this configuration, Planitherm One low-e glass is used on the outer pane. This layer reduces the U-value, which measures the rate at which heat can transmit through a material. Diamant low-iron glass is placed on the outside pane, which increases the ultra-neutral appearance and allows natural light to shine through.

Maximising the natural light coming through your windows is never more critical than in the winter. The Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack achieves an indicative Window Energy Rating (WER) of C, which meets the requirements of Building Regulations. Most importantly, this glazing package will minimise heat loss, making your home or building more comfortable and energy efficient during the winter.

Key FunctionsSaint Gobain comfort glazing option

Like the Standard Pack, the Comfort Pack offers energy savings and daylight comfort features. On top of that, it includes the Winter Comfort Plus functionality, which provides an advanced level of temperature control. The key functions of the Comfort Pack include:

  • Energy Savings: By allowing the warmth from sunlight to enter your home and retaining more heat, these windows reliably improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Winter Comfort Plus: The Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack provides superior winter comfort with the most thermal control possible.
  • Daylight Comfort: With a clear finish, these windows allow natural light to enter your home without resistance.

Saint Gobain Glazing Option Brochure

If you want to learn more about the different glazing options available, click through to this brochure which outlines all the categories and important information.

Pack Options

During the winter, the warm air inside your home and the cool air outside can cause condensation on your windows. You don’t need to worry about it anymore if you upgrade to the Comfort+ uPVC Glazing Pack, which includes an anti-condensation coating on the outer pane.

Usual Configuration

The Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack includes two panels and an internal cavity separating the two. The first panel is the outer pane, a 4mm Diamant low-iron pane of glass. The second pane is the inner pane, which is made of 4mm thick Planitherm One energy-saving glass. We place a 16mm warm edge spacer between the two panes and fill the sealed space with Argon gas. Argon gas is very poor at conducting heat, which makes it ideal for use as an invisible insulator between the panes of a window.

Performance Data

The numbers for the Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack do not lie. The reduced heat transmission and low U-value show that it is the ideal window when all-season comfort control is your primary concern. At the same time, the light transmission rate shows you how the double-pane window configuration is crystal clear. The performance data results for the Comfort uPVC Glazing Pack include:

  • 53% Heat Transmission
  • 72% Light Transmission
  • 62% UV Reduction
  • U-Value of 1.0W/m2K
  • Indicative WER of C

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