Platinum uPVC Glazing in the Yorkshire Area

The Platinum Pack for Double-Glazed Windows

Following Saint-Gobain’s glazing options, they have simplified the glass choices into a couple of categories.

Saint Gobain Platinum uPVC Glazing Pack gives homeowners the optimal all-around glazing performance for double-glazed windows. The Platinum Pack offers all the same benefits as the Security Pack and some enhanced features, like additional acoustic protection and daylight comfort. A STADIP SILENCE layer on the inner pane of Planitherm Total+ glass reduces noise and maximises security. With high energy efficiency performance, the Platinum Pack is the perfect balance for both summer and winter comfort. The configuration of this pack also blocks harmful sun rays. The Platinum uPVC Glazing Pack can achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A when installed on the average window frame. Learn more about the Platinum Glazing Pack.

Key Functionsdiagram showing the performance data of the saint gobain platinum glazing options

The Platinum Pack includes a deluxe combination of key functions and benefits. These double-glazed windows offer everything from energy savings to advanced acoustic control. The key features of the Platinum uPVC Glazing Pack include:

  • Energy Savings: It is estimated that up to 26% of all heat lost in a home is lost through the windows. This window glazing pack reduces heat loss by up to 50%, cutting down your heating bill and carbon footprint at the same time.
  • Winter Control: This pack is equipped with special thermal protection properties that achieve greater winter comfort than the standard double-glazed window.
  • Daylight Comfort Plus: This enhancement offers ultra-neutral aesthetics and the purest, most natural lighting available in any glazing package.
  • Security Plus: A layer of plastic film is sandwiched between two pieces of glass, which reduces the likelihood of shattering. If this type of window breaks, the pieces remain adhered to the integrated film, and the pane remains intact.
  • Acoustic Comfort Plus: The Acoustic Comfort Plus function offers the highest levels of interior acoustic comfort and noise reduction. This can improve sleep, reduce stress, and create a more peaceful atmosphere within your home.
  • UV Reduction: By blocking out more than 99% of the UV rays from the sun, this glazing pack allows solar heat to enter your home without bringing harmful UV rays along with it.

Saint Gobain Glazing Option Brochure

If you want to learn more about the different glazing options available, click through to this brochure which outlines all the categories and important information.

Pack Options

While most homeowners are satisfied with the standard configuration of the Platinum Glazing Pack, others opt for certain enhancements to their double-glazed windows. When a window is especially large, it may be wise to upgrade to a special glass on the inner pane. Options like Planitherm One FG reflect heat from the sun away at a higher rate. The Platinum+ Pack includes an anti-condensation coating on the outer pane. One of the most popular upgrades is installing low-maintenance self-cleaning BIOCLEAN glass on the external pane of glass. You may select one or all of these upgrade options with the Platinum uPVC Glazing Pack.

Usual Configuration

The configuration of the Platinum Pack is the element of design that creates the perfect balance of comfort, energy savings, and acoustic reduction. The outer pane of glass is a piece of 4mm Diamant low-iron glass. On the inside is a 6.8mm pane of Planitherm Total+ energy-saving glass. A clear laminate layer of STADIP SILENCE is placed within the innermost pane of glass. Between the two panes is a cavity created by an 18mm warm edge spacer. Argon gas is completely invisible within that cavity, which provides beneficial thermal insulating properties.

Performance Data

The performance data for the Platinum Pack shows how effective this glazing configuration is on many different levels. Note that these results are for the standard Platinum Pack arrangement. Any upgrades or alterations will change the results. The performance data results for the Platinum uPVC Glazing Pack include:

  • 73% Heat Transmission
  • 80% Light Transmission
  • 4% UV Reduction
  • U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K
  • Indicative WER of A

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