The Security Pack for Double-Glazed Windows

Following Saint Gobain’s glazing options, they have simplified the glass choices into a couple of categories.

Saint Gobain’s Security uPVC Glazing Pack adds security and acoustic features to the double-glazed windows in the Yorkshire area. With the same benefits as the Standard Pack, this option maximises your comfort and security. A STADIP layer on the inner pane of Planitherm Total+ glass increases and prevents shattering while dampening sound. The Security uPVC Glazing Pack is designed for summer and winter comfort while also offering energy efficiency benefits. This pack also has boosted UV protection, safeguarding furniture and window dressing from the sun’s harsh rays.

The Security Pack will raise the Window Energy Rating (WER) to a B or even an A when installed on the average window frame. This window configuration also meets all Secured by Design Standards, the industry standard for security and crime prevention. Learn more about the Security uPVC Glazing Pack.

Key Functionsdiagram showing the performance data for the saint gobain security glazing

Each glazing pack offers a specific combination of key functions. The Security uPVC Glazing Pack combines some of the most popular features of window glazing, like energy saving, increased insulation, and noise reduction. The key functions of the Security Pack include:

  • Energy Savings: Maximise energy savings on your heating bill with these double-glazed windows, which can reduce heat loss by as much as 50%.
  • Winter Comfort: The Security Pack retains heat in the seasons when you need it the most, maximising comfort all year round.
  • Daylight Comfort: This glazing maximises natural light transmission, making your home feel brighter and more spacious.
  • Security Plus: A double-glazed window with a layer of STADIP film on the inner pane discourages burglars and stops broken windows from shattering.
  • Acoustic Comfort: Acoustic comfort keeps disturbing outside noise from penetrating your windows. This pack offers enhanced levels of comfort and noise reduction for homeowners.
  • UV Reduction: If you are concerned about the potentially harmful effects of UV rays, your windows can filter out nearly all (over 99%) of the UV rays while keeping your view crystal clear.

Saint Gobain Glazing Option Brochure

If you want to learn more about the different glazing options available, click through to this brochure which outlines all the categories and important information.

Pack Options

When you select the Security uPVC Glazing Pack, you still have the option to upgrade your window glazing in a few ways. The Security+ Pack includes an anti-condensation coating on the outer pane, which prevents the accumulation of moisture on the window. The Planitherm Total+ low-e glass used in the Security Pack offers exceptional thermal control. However, some windows, like large south-facing windows, would benefit from an upgraded Planitherm One FG on the inner pane. These enhanced options will reflect more solar heat.

Usual Configuration

The Security uPVC Glazing Pack is designed for maximum security. The configuration of this double-glazed window is what makes it so effective at preventing UV light, reducing noise, and controlling comfort. The outside pane is a 4mm Planilux float glass, and the inside pane is 6.8mm of Planitherm Total+ energy-saving glass. The inner pane of Planitherm Total+ glass has a transparent laminate layer of STADIP, a noise-reduction and shatter-resistant material. Between the inner and outer panes of glass is an 18mm cavity filled with insulating Argon gas and separated by a warm edge spacer.

Performance Data

The performance of the Security uPVC Glazing Pack demonstrates why it is such a popular option. The performance data indicates the standard Security Pack configuration. Your results may change if you upgrade or take advantage of the enhanced options. When tested, the Security uPVC Glazing Pack achieved the following:

  • 70% heat Transmission
  • 79% Light Transmission
  • 5% UV Reduction
  • U-Value of 1.2W/m2K
  • Indicative WER of A/B

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