The Standard Pack for Double-Glazed Windows

Following Saint-Gobain’s glazing options, they have simplified the glass choices into a couple of categories.

Saint-Gobain’s Standard uPVC Glazing Pack sets the bar for modern double-glazed windows in the Yorkshire area. Planitherm Total+ coating on the inner pane affords your home the perfect balance between winter and summer temperature control. At the same time, the Standard Pack is designed for energy efficiency performance. This glazing configuration can increase the Window Energy Rating (WER) to a B or A when used on the average window and frame. Learn more about the Standard uPVC Glazing Pack.

Key FunctionsDiagram with performance data about the standard glazing option for saint gobain glass

The Standard uPVC Glazing Pack is designed to provide improvements in several areas. It will help you conserve energy, control the temperature, and maintain a crystal-clear view through your window. The key functions of the Standard uPVC glazing pack include:

Energy Savings: The configuration and glazing in this pack optimise energy efficiency, saving you on monthly heating bills.

Winter Comfort: The Standard Pack achieves a higher level of thermal control and winter comfort than standard double glazing.

Daylight Comfort Plus: This ultra-neutral coating allows maximum light transmission, producing the most natural lighting in your home.

Saint Gobain Glazing Option Brochure

If you want to learn more about the different glazing options available, click through to this brochure which outlines all the categories and important information.

Pack Options

Saint-Gobain’s Standard uPVC Glazing Pack provides plenty of year-round comfort for the average home in York, Leeds, and the wider Yorkshire area. However, we offer adjustments and upgrades to the Standard Pack for situations such as oversized windows in south or west facing rooms. In such spaces, we suggest the installation of Planitherm One FG on the inner pane. This glazing will reflect more heat during the hot summer months. You may also choose the Standard+ Pack, which offers a special anti-condensation panel on the outer windowpane.

Usual Configuration

The configuration of a window has a massive impact on its overall performance. Saint-Gobain’s Standard uPVC Glazing Pack consists of two panes. We use 4mm Planilux float glass for the outer pane and 4mm Planitherm Total+ energy-saving glass for the inner pane. Between the two panes is a 16mm warm edge spacer, which creates a cavity between the two panes of glass. The space between the two panes is filled with Argon gas which has thermal insulating properties.

Performance Data

The performance data on Saint-Gobain’s Standard uPVC Glazing pack shows its actual effectiveness. Note that the performance data represents the values for the standard window configuration and makeup. Your ultimate result may differ based on the exact configuration and glazing options. The performance data for the Standard uPVC Glazing Pack includes:

  • 71% Heat Transmission
  • 80% Light Transmission
  • 62% UV Reduction
  • Indicative WER of A/B

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