The Ultimate Pack for Triple-Glazed Windows

Saint Gobain’s Ultimate uPVC Glazing Pack provides homeowners in the Yorkshire area with the optimum performance characteristics found on a triple-glazed window. The Ultimate Pack offers enhanced features in every area possible. The configuration maximises winter comfort and energy savings. The inner laminated pain enhances security and acoustic protection. The BIOCLEAN easy-maintenance, self-cleaning glass on the outer pain makes maintenance easier than ever before. Within the average home, the Ultimate Pack will achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating (WER). At the same time, it meets the standards of Secured by Design, the industry guidelines for crime prevention. Learn more about the Ultimate uPVC Glazing Pack for triple-glazed windows.

Key Functionsdiagram showing the performance data of the saint gobain ultimate glazing option

The Ultimate Pack offers homeowners access to the best of the best when it comes to key features. It includes the top option available in every performance area, from energy savings to acoustic protection. The key features of the Ultimate uPVC Glazing pack include:

  • Energy Savings Plus: The third pane of glazed glass makes the most energy-efficient windows possible. The Ultimate Pack can achieve energy savings of up to 20 or 30%.
  • Winter Comfort Plus: This option provides unparalleled thermal control. The glazed glass retains heat within your home while keeping the cold weather outside.
  • Daylight Control: Glazing does not darken or cloud your view. Daylight Control features use a crystal-clear finish that ensures the purest views.
  • Security Plus: The combination of the third pane of glass and a laminated STADIP layer makes this the most secure glass. It is resistant to breakage and shattering, reducing the chances of accidents and intruders.
  • Acoustic Control Plus: With three sound-absorbing panes of glazed glass, and a special layer of acoustic-protecting STADIP SILENCE glass, the Ultimate Pack gives you complete control over the level of noise in your own home.
  • UV Reduction: Whether you are concerned about the health effects of UV rays or want to protect your furniture from becoming sun-bleached, this glazing pack blocks more than 99% of UV rays.
  • Easy Maintenance: The special coating on this glass is activated by UV rays from the sun to break down dirt and grime. Then, the rain simply washes it away, making maintenance almost automatic.

Saint Gobain Glazing Option Brochure

If you want to learn more about the different glazing options available, click through to this brochure which outlines all the categories and important information.

Pack Options

The Ultimate Pack includes all of the top features. So, homeowners rarely feel the need to make upgrades. The comfort control features work in both winter and summer weather, and the acoustic control is strong enough to keep out the noisy world outside your window. One optional adjustment is substituting the BIOCLEAN easy-maintenance glass on the outer pane for an anti-condensation coating. This prevents the build-up of moisture on your window, which can obstruct a crystal-clear view on foggy mornings.

Usual Configuration

The Ultimate Pack is a triple-glazed window configuration, which means it uses three panes of glass. A 6.8mm pane of Planitherm Total+ energy-saving glass is used for the innermost part of the window. Inside that pane of glass is a laminated layer of STADIP SILENCE, which provides acoustic protection. On the outside of the window, the Ultimate Pack uses a 4mm piece of BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass. In between those two pieces of glass is another piece of Planitherm Total+ energy-saving glass. In-between each pane of glass is a small cavity. Argon gas fills these two cavities, creating an extra layer of thermal insulation that is invisible to the eye.

Performance Data

The Ultimate Pack can achieve the ultimate performance data results. In every way measurable, the Ultimate Pack outperforms all other options because of its wide array of glazings and triple pane design. The result of the performance data for the Ultimate uPVC Glazing pack include:

  • 58% Heat Transmission
  • 68% Light Transmission
  • 6% UV Reduction
  • U-Value of 0.7W/m2K
  • Indicative WER of A/A+

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