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    What Is Secondary Glazing?

    Secondary glazing is the perfect way to enjoy warmth, security and some peace and quiet without replacing your existing windows. Instead of buying new double-glazed windows, we can apply a second glazing to your current windows to achieve the same effect – quick and easy.

    Secondary glazing helps reduce drafts and saves you money on your heating bills, as well as reducing sound transmissions by up to 70% and adding some extra security to your home. It is all the benefits of getting double glazing, without having to buy new windows.

    At Eliments we have a number of different secondary glazing options to choose from. Find out more about them down below or get in touch with us for a friendly chat about your specific requirements.

    Secondary Glazing Options

    Lift Out Secondary Glazing

    The Product: Life out glazing is the most cost effective type of secondary glazing. It’s most often used where limited access to the primary window is required, for example a window which has been installed just to provide more light to a room.

    How it works: As its name implies, it simply lifts out of a protected channel. It is advised that the sash size be well thought-out, as the weight of the glass must be manageable.

    Lift Out Type Window

    Hinged Secondary Glazing

    The Product: The hinged unit glazing provides an unobtrusive secondary glazing system, since there are no glazing bars to spoil the view.

    How it works: The single hinged unit opens on a restricting friction stay, whilst the double hinged unit is fitted with butt hinges and has been mainly designed to fit in front of larger windows or French doors.

    Hinged Type Window

    Horizontal Slider Secondary Glazing

    The Product: Horizontal slider secondary glazing is the most frequently used type of secondary glazing, as it’s suitable for commercial properties, historic buildings and all kinds of domestic dwellings.

    How it works: Available in 2, 3 or 4 panelled versions, brass rollers are fitted for the smoothest sliding. Twin brush seals provide excellent sealing, and security is enhanced by the use of the latest locks and handles.

    Vertical Slider Secondary Glazing

    The Product: Vertical slider secondary glazing is the most complex type of secondary glazing is applied generally to older properties. It is particularly suited to the refurbishment and upgrade of the nation’s architectural heritage.

    How it works:
     Spring balances control the motion of the sash, enabling infinite vertical positioning. This design can withstand decades of wear and tear. Tilt-in versions can be pivoted through almost 180 degrees, to aid cleaning and help provide easy fire escape.

    Secondary Glazing FAQs

    Does Secondary glazing stop condensation?

    Yes! Secondary glazing help prevent condensation on glass panes with U-values of up to 1.35. Secondary glazing helps minimise air leakage and traps an insulating layer of air between it and the windowpane, which cuts down on heat loss up to 70%.

    Does secondary glazing work?

    Yes! Secondary glazing is an extremely cost-effective way to minimise condensation and soundproof your windows. The Energy Saving Trust states that secondary glazing is an ‘ideal solutions if you are unable to replace your existing windows.’

    How to clean between secondary glazing?

    You can’t clean between the secondary glazing and your window once applied, so it’s important to have a clean windowpane beforehand – this is something we will ensure for you. After that, the secondary glazing itself can be cleaned normally with warm soapy water.

    Is secondary glazing expensive?

    No! Secondary glazing is very cost effective and the perfect solution if you don’t want to spend money replacing all of your windows.

    Does secondary glazing add value to your home?

    When applied properly secondary glazing can raise the value of a home by up to 10%, as it essentially makes your single pane windows double glazed.

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