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What does Secured by Design mean?

When you are looking for windows or doors, you will often hear companies say that their products are ‘secured by design’. Now almost everybody know this is an industry accreditation and standard.

Here at Eliments, we wanted to go one step further and inform our customers what having a secured by design accreditation and certificate on their windows and doors would really mean.

So then you can make an informed decision on the choice of whether you would like to have your windows and doors to a Secured by Design Glazerite standard or you are happy with our standard high security windows and doors – the choice is yours.

Secured by Design Glazerite is a flagship initiative by the Police Force in the UK to support the designing out of crime.  Any window or door that has the Secured by Design Glazerite approval has been tested and assessed against a certain set of criteria and those that complete these tests are approved as having a high-degree of resistance to attempted break-ins.

The criterion is focused on the prevention of crime through a number of different methods.  This includes the products used to in the windows and doors, the design and layout of them and the processes in the construction stages. In essence, it aims to achieve high security standards through a number of different processes.

Glazerite manufacture all of our Secured By Design products. They are a company that solely manufacture windows for installation companies.

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