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Secondary Glazing for Doors and Fitting Service

At Eliments, we prioritise your home’s comfort, security, and tranquillity. We offer Secondary Glazing for Doors specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of your existing doors.

Our solution eliminates the need for complete replacement, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade your home. With our Secondary Glazed Doors, you can enjoy the benefits of improved insulation, reduced noise transmission, and enhanced energy efficiency. Our doors are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Whether you want to create a more peaceful living space or enhance your home’s thermal performance, our Secondary Glazed Doors offer the perfect solution. Trust Eliments for superior performance, convenience, and a seamless integration into your home’s aesthetics. Experience the difference our Secondary Glazed Doors can make in elevating your home’s comfort and security.


Replacement or New Installation of Secondary Glazed Doors

Replacing outdated doors with Secondary Glazing can significantly enhance your home’s overall functionality and aesthetics. Old doors can detract from your home’s visual appeal and lead to practical issues like drafts, energy loss, and increased utility bills due to compromised insulation. Weathering and time can wear down door materials, resulting in problems such as dampness and rot, which harm the door’s structure and affect the air quality within your home.

From a security standpoint, ageing doors may not provide the protection your home needs. Their weakened structures and dated locking mechanisms make them vulnerable to break-ins. Secondary Glazed Doors come with modern security features that help safeguard your home against potential intrusions, giving you peace of mind.

Ignoring the signs of wear and tear could lead to costly repairs down the line. Instead, investing in Secondary Glazed Doors ensures energy efficiency and maintains a consistent internal temperature, which is both eco-friendly and economical. These doors also significantly reduce noise pollution, creating a serene home environment.

Replacing your current doors with Secondary Glazed options from Eliments is an upgrade and a smart home investment. These doors resolve functional issues and boost your home’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its market value. Updating to Secondary Glazed Doors is a crucial step for homeowners who want to keep their living spaces modern, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of New Secondary Glazed Doors

Enhance your home’s comfort and elegance with Eliments’ Secondary Glazed Doors, a perfect blend of functionality, energy efficiency, and modern security features.

  • Enhanced Warmth: Say goodbye to chilly drafts. Our secondary glazing enhances the thermal insulation of your doors, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. This cost-effective solution significantly reduces heat loss, saving you money on heating bills.
  • Noise Reduction: Living on a busy street or in a noisy neighbourhood? Our secondary glazed doors reduce sound transmission by up to 70%, providing you with the sanctuary of silence you deserve.
  • Increased Security: Gain peace of mind with an additional protective barrier that makes it harder for intruders to gain access, ensuring that your home is a safe haven for you and your family.
  • Functional Improvements: Aside from the benefits of enhanced warmth, noise reduction, and increased security, secondary glazed doors also offer functional improvements. They can help prevent condensation build-up, reduce dust and allergens, and provide better insulation against extreme weather conditions.
  • Aesthetics: Secondary glazed doors are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes, allowing you to choose an option that complements the aesthetics of your home. They can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property.
  • Safety: In addition to their security features, secondary glazed doors offer added safety benefits. They are more resistant to break-ins and can provide an extra layer of protection against accidents such as shattered glass.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reducing heat loss and improving insulation, secondary glazed doors contribute to overall energy efficiency in your home. This helps the environment and lowers your carbon footprint.
  • Cost Savings: Investing in secondary glazed doors can lead to long-term cost savings. With reduced heat loss and lower energy consumption, you can expect a decrease in your heating and cooling bills.
  • Comfort: Enjoy a more comfortable living environment with secondary glazed doors. They help maintain a consistent temperature, reduce drafts, and create a cosy atmosphere inside your home.
  • Value: Installing secondary glazed doors can increase the value and desirability of your property. Potential buyers or tenants will appreciate the added benefits and features of secondary glazing.

Experience the many benefits of installing secondary glazed doors, including enhanced warmth, noise reduction, increased security, functional improvements, aesthetics, safety, energy efficiency, cost savings, comfort, and added value to your property.

Why Choose Eliments

Choosing Eliments means entrusting your home to seasoned professionals with over 30 years of industry experience delivering exceptional secondary glazing services.

As experts in the field, we comprehend every nuance of enhancing your doors with high-quality secondary glazing solutions. This service typically involves thoroughly inspecting your existing doors to determine the best course of action for adding secondary glazing that complies with your home’s unique requirements without compromising style or function.

No two homes are alike, which is why we offer tailor-made secondary glazing solutions. Our range of products comes in various styles, colours, and finishes, ensuring that the secondary glazing enhances the performance of your doors and aligns perfectly with the existing aesthetics of your home.

Our service process is meticulous and designed to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life. Our skilled technicians will handle the installation with precision and care, ensuring that the secondary glazing fits seamlessly and functions impeccably. The process is all-encompassing and includes after-installation support, making sure that you continue to reap the benefits of your investment for years to come.

Our reputation precedes us, as reflected by our 5-star customer reviews that echo our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We offer competitive financing options to ensure our services are accessible to a broader range of clients. These options provide the flexibility you need to improve your home without the strain of upfront costs. Our team brings three decades of experience to the table and an unwavering dedication to crafting living spaces as secure and comfortable as they are elegant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secondary glazing offers significant noise insulation by creating an additional layer of glass or acrylic in front of existing windows. This extra layer helps to reduce noise transmission from the outside, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Yes, secondary glazing can effectively reduce heat loss. The additional layer of glazing creates a thermal barrier, helping to prevent heat from escaping through the windows. This improved insulation can lead to energy savings and a more comfortable living space.

Yes, secondary glazing can be designed to be opened. Different types of secondary glazing systems are available, including hinged, sliding, and lift-out panels. These can be easily opened and closed to allow ventilation or access to the primary window for cleaning and maintenance.

Adding secondary glazing can significantly reduce draughts. The secondary glazing system is installed with tight seals around the edges, minimising air leakage and preventing draughts from entering the room. This helps to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

‘Face fixing’ refers to a method of installing secondary glazing where the secondary glazing unit is fixed directly onto the existing window frame or surrounding wall. This installation technique is commonly used when there is limited space or architectural constraints that prevent using other mounting options. Face fixing provides a secure and discreet installation, maintaining the aesthetics of the primary window.

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