Victorian Conservatories in Yorkshire

A Victorian conservatory is a classic, elegant and versatile addition to a home and is suitable for many types of property. The design features a sharp, angled roof, softened by facets to give a styled look.

Victorian conservatory design allows for high levels of flexibility and many different configurations, making this style great for all sorts of properties, even modern homes. If you’ve been searching the cost of Victorian conservatories you may already know that they are less expensive to build than an extension, yet still provide a versatile space for your home. Building a Victorian conservatory can save you thousands and improve the value of your property at the same time.

Our Victorian conservatories are made bespoke to your exact requirements, from the number of facets and position of the doors to glazing options and colour of the frames. Whatever options you choose, our experts’ design and build your Victorian conservatory to the highest specifications.

All our Victorian conservatories are built to the highest standards and come complete with the very best security features to all windows and doors. The energy-efficient double glazing keeps the heat in and noises out, ensuring you can enjoy your conservatory whatever is happening outside.

Brown Victorian Conservatory

What Types Conservatories Are There?

We can build you any type of conservatory. If Victorian isn’t the right one for you, check out our other options:

Key Benefits of Victorian Conservatories

  • Inexpensive – A cheaper alternative to building an extension on your house.
  • Multiple functions – Conservatories can have multiple uses, being used as kitchens, dining rooms, dens, home offices and second living rooms depending on your personal preference.
  • Warmer and brighter – Our products are the most thermally efficient on the market so you’ll be comfortable all year round.
  • Highest level of quality – All our frames are reinforced to conservatory specification and our roofing system solution suits every home and every budget, with a choice of traditional or contemporary looks.
  • Increase the value of your home – Adding a conservatory will also increase the value of your property by up to 10%
White Victorian Conservatory on a stone house

Why Choose Eliments?

  • Friendly experts – Our friendly, professional Victorian conservatory installers will make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you.
  • Unbeatable prices – We pride ourselves on providing lower window prices than our competitors. Talk to us today about how you can save big with Eliments.
  • Fully accredited – We are a fully Ultraframe Roof registered supplier and installers who are guaranteed to provide top expertise when it comes to building and installing your conservatory.
  • Endless choices with bespoke designs –  The number of arrangements and options for conservatories is limitless. Select your design, colours, facets and doors to make the perfect combination for you.
White Victorian Conservatory on the side of a house

Victorian Conservatories FAQs

What is a Victorian conservatory?

A Victorian conservatory is one of the period types of conservatory that became popular during the Victorian era.

What does a Victorian conservatory look like?

Victorian conservatories are often ornate with Gothic-shaped windows and doors. Their roofs are also steeply pitched (in most cases) which was common during the Victorian era.

What type of conservatory is best?

If you want a beautifully ornate conservatory that blends with the house, then a Victorian conservatory is the best choice. Though all conservatories have different pros depending on your individual requirements. For instance, P-shaped conservatories offer the most indoor space, but a lean-to will save more of your garden.

Local Council Planning Permissions

If you are unsure whether your Victorian conservatory needs planning permission, check out the below pages to the local Council’s planning pages which can provide a lot of useful information.

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Photo Gallery

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