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Quality Solidor Doors and Fitting Service

There’s a feeling of comfort and security that comes with stepping through a Solidor door. Each of their doors carries a certain charm and says, “I’m home.” At Eliments, we proudly bring the Solidor Doors experience to homes across Yorkshire. Known for stunning design and unparalleled security, Solidor Doors’ products are a testament to the power of quality craftsmanship. We offer their beautiful composite doors because of their commitment to quality, style, and security, which align with our mission for our customers.

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Replacement or New Installation of Solidor Doors

Are your existing doors showing signs of wear and tear? Do you want to make a statement with you’re a new one? Solidor Doors are the perfect choice. With a range of styles from the traditional to the contemporary, they are sure to enhance the look of your home while providing superior security. With full-height and half-height side panel options, you can customise your Solidor front doors to match your unique preferences. Every home is unique, and so should its doors. That’s why we offer a wide range of composite doors and front doors. Some of the Solidor products we carry include:

  • Traditional Collection – Preserve the charm of your traditional home with timeless designs that have a modern flair. These classic composite doors look bold without going overboard and can be combined with beautiful frame options, too.
  • Italia Collection – This range offers a new level of luxury with its modern, chic designs inspired by Italian elegance. Make a statement with these bold choices that come in 19 different designs and 23 different colours.
  • Stable Doors – Perfect for letting light and air in while keeping pets and children safely indoors, most of the Solidor styles can be made into stable doors. They’re great for country homes or those who want a classic touch.
  • Double Doors and French Doors – Every design from Solidor can also come as a double or French Door. With 20 colours to choose from, you can significantly enhance your living space with fresh air and natural light by choosing French Doors.

Benefits of New Solidor Doors

Solidor Doors are more than just doors. They are a statement of style, security, and sophistication. With their 48mm thick solid timber core, they are more secure than many options on the market. Coupled with high-security multi-point locking systems, they help protect your home from intruders. Solidor Doors are also made from sustainably sourced materials and are 100% recyclable, aligning with our eco-conscious values at Eliments. With a variety of styles, colours, and accessories, we can help you customise their products to match your home perfectly. In addition to the security, aesthetic, and environmental benefits of Solidor Doors products, investing in their composite doors also means you are investing in:

  • Energy Efficiency – Solidor Doors are excellent insulators, ensuring your home is warm in the winters and cool in the summers. This helps you save on energy bills.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike wooden doors, Solidor Doors are composite and do not require regular painting or varnishing. A simple wipe-down with a cloth is enough to keep them looking brand new.
  • Durability – Made from the best quality materials, these doors are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, promising long-lasting performance.
  • High Degree of Customisation – You can tailor every aspect of your door, from the colour and finish to the hardware and glass. With so many options, Solidor can help you realise your dream door.

Why Choose Eliments

When it comes to the installation and replacement of Solidor Doors, Eliments stands out in the industry. Our company prides itself on providing top-notch service that is both reliable and efficient. We understand the importance of a secure and aesthetically pleasing front door. It’s not just a barrier between you and the world outside, but it’s also the first impression visitors get of your home. That’s why we specialise in Solidor Doors in York and the broader Yorkshire region.

Our professionals are skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring that every Solidor Door installation or replacement is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. We’re not just selling you a door. We’re providing a service that enhances the safety and beauty of your home. Our customers have trusted us for over a decade because we always deliver quality. Reach out to us to see why people choose Eliments for:

  • Expertise – Our skilled technicians are trained to install Solidor’s composite doors with precision and efficiency. We uphold the quality of their products with our quality service.
  • Professionalism – We know how much trust you put in us when you allow us to enter your home. Our team is always ready to provide prompt and efficient service and do so with unmatched care and professionalism.
  • Customer Support – We make the process as easy for you as possible at every step. Our relationship does not end with installation, though. We also offer comprehensive aftercare support to ensure you feel good about the finished product.
  • Local Know-How – We’re not just door installers. We’re your neighbours. As a local company, we understand the needs and desires of our Yorkshire clientele.
  • Competitive Pricing – At Eliments, we believe quality should not come at an exorbitant price. We offer competitively priced services without compromising, ensuring our customers get the best value for their investment.

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We're proud of the feedback we receive from our customers all across Yorkshire. From double glazing, door fitting, windows installation to conservatory extensions, our customers put their faith in us and we make sure we give them the best possible service, no matter the cost.
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From start to finish we had excellent service. The quality of the product is outstanding for the price we paid.
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Can’t recommend this company anymore! They will go above and beyond for you!
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Great products. Great service. Always install to the highest standards. Could not recommend Eliments Ltd enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solidor Doors are more than just front doors. They are a perfect blend of style and security. Each Solidor Door is manufactured in the UK and represents the epitome of British craftsmanship. They come with an exclusive range of colours, designs, and styles, ensuring there is a Solidor Door perfect for every home.

One of the unique standout features of Solidor’s products is the composite structure. This means they are made from multiple materials and combined to create a product that is stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient than doors manufactured from a single material. With solid timber cores, they are sturdier than other composite doors that commonly have a foam-filled construction. This offers a level of security and quality that surpasses other doors in the market.

Solidor Doors are known for their incredible durability. These doors are designed with a unique 48mm solid core, making them robust and highly resistant to wear and tear. The typical lifespan of Solidor Doors can exceed 30 years, especially when maintained correctly. This longevity is part of why their brand is increasingly popular. Their products are an investment that adds value and appeal to your home for many years to come. If you want to ensure your composite door looks good for a long time, some recommended minor maintenance tips are:

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Hardware Polishing Every Six Months
  • Quick Door Seal Checks
  • Lubricating Your Hinges and Lock Mechanisms Every 12 Months

When it comes to the safety of your home, Solidor Doors are unparalleled. They incorporate the most secure locking systems, ensuring your home is always protected. You can feel peace of mind knowing their locks are rigorously tested and police-approved. There are many different locks and security features to choose from when outfitting your Solidor Door, including:

  • Ultion NUKI PLUS Smart Handle and Bolt
  • ABS Master Cylinder
  • Winkhaus AV4 Autolock
  • AV3 Locking System
  • Heritage AV2 Door Lock
  • Key Wind Up System

All Solidor Doors exceed building regulations for thermal efficiency. This means that with a Solidor Door, not only are you enhancing the security and aesthetic appeal of your home, but you’re also reducing energy costs and helping contribute to a more sustainable future. With their solid core design and high-quality materials, Solidor Doors offer exceptional insulation, helping to keep your home at the right temperatures. From the Italia Collection to their French Door designs, Solidor is the go-to door brand across Yorkshire for energy efficiency.

Solidor products adhere to their “Green Promise” to the environment. This means every product is manufactured with 100% fully recycled door frame reinforcing. Additionally, these doors exceed building regulations for thermal efficiency, ensuring your home stays warm without over-relying on heating. With double and triple-glazed glass options as well, you can reduce your carbon footprint by minimising energy consumption with Solidor.

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