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Specialising in high-quality double glazed windows, our mission is to transform your property into a sanctuary of comfort, security, and style. At Eliments, we are more than just a leading provider of double glazed windows; we are pioneers in home improvement solutions that stand the test of time. Serving Knaresborough and beyond, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, and products that embody sustainability and performance.

Our comprehensive range of products and services, from window installations to other home improvements, all fall under our price promise. We also provide a free, no-obligation quote for those exploring their options, ensuring transparency and allowing you to make the best decision for your home.

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What are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows, often recognised as a hallmark of modern and energy-efficient homes, consist of two layers of glass with a space between them. This space can be filled with air or an inert gas, such as argon, to further enhance their thermal performance. The primary purpose of this design is to reduce the loss of heat from the home, ensuring your living spaces are warmer, quieter, and more comfortable throughout the year.

The benefits of installing double glazed windows in your home are multifaceted. Firstly, they significantly improve thermal insulation, keeping the warmth in during winter and the heat out during the summer. This makes for a more comfortable living environment and can lead to substantial savings on energy bills due to reduced heating and cooling needs. Noise reduction is another notable advantage, with the dual layers of glass effectively minimising outdoor noise, making your home a peaceful sanctuary. Additionally, double glazed windows enhance security, as they are tougher to break compared to single pane windows, thereby increasing the safety of your property. Lastly, they can elevate the overall aesthetic of your home, adding to its curb appeal and potentially increasing its market value.

Double glazed windows are an investment that pays dividends in comfort, savings, and security, making them an essential component of any modern home improvement project.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring every installation of double-glazed windows is seamless and perfectly tailored to your individual needs. With our extensive experience, we’re committed to exceeding expectations and delivering satisfaction with every project we undertake.

What sets Eliments apart in the competitive landscape is our exclusive use of Veka specifications for our double-glazed windows. Veka, renowned for their high-quality, durable profiles, ensures that our products are of the highest standard, offering superior heat retention. This commitment to excellence means that with Eliments, you’re choosing the very best the market has to offer.

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Our dedication to the Knaresborough community has been unwavering. We provide top-tier fitting and installation services at competitive prices. We understand the importance of making home upgrades affordable and stress-free, which is why we offer our unmatched price promise. This guarantee ensures we will beat any like-for-like quote, making your dream home improvements a reality without compromise.

Looking to upgrade your Knaresborough home with our double glazed windows? Reach out to us now for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate. Our specialists are on hand to walk you through our selection, ensuring you make the best choice for your property.

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We're proud of the feedback we receive from our customers all across Yorkshire. From double glazing, door fitting, windows installation to conservatory extensions, our customers put their faith in us and we make sure we give them the best possible service, no matter the cost.
Molly Shackshaft
From start to finish we had excellent service. The quality of the product is outstanding for the price we paid.
Shannon Flaherty
Can’t recommend this company anymore! They will go above and beyond for you!
Scott Foster
Great products. Great service. Always install to the highest standards. Could not recommend Eliments Ltd enough.
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