7 Important Maintenance Tips for Orangeries

Published: August 1, 2023
orangery and orangeries

Your orangery is a beautiful part of your home and it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

Set apart by customised architectural elements and built with brick that seamlessly integrates it into your home, an orangery is perfect for any use, whether you need a dining room and entertainment space, a home gym, a family room, or even a home office.

To preserve the functionality, appearance and longevity of your orangery, though, you’ll need to keep up with some regular maintenance.

From keeping your orangery clean to properly maintaining the HVAC and keeping up with pest control, we’ve got some important tips for orangery maintenance.

1. Clean it regularly

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As an extension of your house, an orangery requires consistent cleaning to keep it free of dirt, dust and debris.

Clean your orangery with gentle cleansers, soft brushes and microfiber cloths to keep from damaging its surfaces.

Use the right cleaners and techniques for different parts of your orangery; metallic surfaces with a protective finish should be treated with care, without harsh, abrasive cleaners or metal polish.

Glass makes up a large percentage of the orangery and different types of glass need different care, but pressure washers are typically not recommended because they can damage the seals around the windows and roof.

Clean the glass using a brush with a telescopic handle, a sponge and mild detergent. Be very careful with standard double-glazed windows because it is very susceptible to scratching.

To keep cleaning to a minimum, have your orangery outfitted with self-cleaning glass. Manufactured with a special coating, this glass uses UV rays to break down particles of dirt, allowing them to be washed away when it rains, so the more sun and rain your orangery is exposed to, the cleaner the glass will be.

After periods of heavy pollution or dry weather, you may need to clean it with a soft, non-abrasive sponge and clean water.

2. Inspect seals and frames often and make repairs promptly.

For your orangery to be a functional space in the winter, the seals, as well as the door and window frames, must be in good condition.

Inspect them regularly for signs of wear, damage, or drafts, making sure they are entirely free from holes or cracks.

Address any issues as soon as possible, replacing worn-out seals and repairing damaged frames, to maintain your orangery’s energy efficiency and prevent air transference back and forth between the inside and the outside.

3. Maintain the glazing

Glazing is important to an orangery and the application of protective coatings or films to the glazing provides enhanced durability and energy efficiency.

When you clean your glass, look for imperfections in the glazing, including any cracks or other types of damage and have any issues you find professionally repaired.

It’s also important to schedule professional inspections from time to time so that your glazing can be properly maintained.

Be careful with the glass and trim any trees or shrubbery that could smack your orangery in a storm and harm your glazing.

4. Take care of the roof and gutters

Your orangery’s roof has a good deal of glass that needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained and it’s also important that it all drains properly.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your gutters clean and in good repair and your downspouts directed away from the foundation.

Regularly inspect the roof and gutters, looking for roof damage like loose tiles or leaks and gutter issues like debris and clogs.

Address any problems promptly, before further damage can occur to your roof or water damage can impact your orangery.

5. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance

Make sure that your orangery is properly ventilated, to prevent condensation and ensure it remains a comfortable environment.

Have your HVAC system regularly serviced by a professional and make sure the vents, air ducts and fans stay clean and well-maintained, to ensure optimal airflow.

6. Protect and care for your furniture

In your orangery, room to express yourself through your furnishings is one of the perks.

Keep the furniture, flooring and interior finishes in the orangery looking their best by cleaning, dusting and polishing to preserve their appearance and increase their longevity.

Be careful of the effects of sunlight on your furniture and take measures to protect it, whether by covering furniture or employing some type of sun protection.

7. Don’t forget pest control

Providing a beautiful connection to your garden, orangery spaces allow you to feel at one with nature.

There are some types of nature, though, that you don’t want in your orangery. Keep insects and small animals out of your orangery, using proactive measures, along with regular inspections and pest control services.

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