Why Double Glazing is the Ultimate Home Improvement

Published: October 1, 2023
Double Glazing - York

How Double Glazing Can Improve Your Home

How much do you know about double glazing? Double-glazed windows have become popular in recent years, because their two panes of glass are more energy-efficient than traditional single-paned windows.

Are they a good home improvement measure? The purpose of home improvement is to increase the value of your home, and research illustrates that installing new double-glazed windows can increase a home’s value by about 10 percent.

This is because of all the many benefits offered by double glazing.

The Basics Of Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows are made of two panes of glass, with an inert gas like argon, xenon, or krypton between the panes.

Because these gases are poor heat conductors, they insulate the windows, reducing noise pollution and increasing energy efficiency.

While single-glazed windows don’t require replacement of the entire window frame for a window upgrade, a double-glazed window is preferable to single-glazed, in most cases, because single-glazed windows don’t offer the same level of security, energy savings, or noise reduction.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of double-glazing.

Energy Efficiency

Recent research indicates that about 18 percent of heat is lost through the windows.

By installing double-glazed windows, a homeowner can save an estimated £235 per year on energy costs, because the home’s climate control system won’t have to work as hard to maintain the proper temperature.

In addition to saving money on energy costs, double glazing reduces your carbon footprint, because when your climate control system doesn’t have to work as hard and your home stays warmer without the excessive use of fossil fuels, you produce fewer emissions.

You can further improve your windows’ energy efficiency by choosing UPVC windows, as well as double glazing.

Enhanced Security

Double-glazed windows are significantly more secure than single-glazed because two panes of glass are much harder to break than one.

By reinforcing windows and doors through double glazing, you create a deterrence to intruders, and this increases your peace of mind as a homeowner.

You can further improve your security by choosing laminated or strengthened glass, and effective locking systems that can prevent a would-be thief from pulling the window away from the frame.

Noise Reduction

Traffic noise, construction, and other outside noises can be extremely disruptive to your quality of life if they are constantly heard in your home.

Installing double-glazed windows reduces this noise pollution because the noise must travel through two panes of glass as well as the gas within the window.

While they are not completely soundproof, double-glazed windows make a significant difference in the amount of noise.

Comfort And Insulation

Double-glazed windows prevent heat loss and gain, keeping your home comfortable all year.

They minimise draughts and keep the temperature in your home constant.

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Because the two panes and the gas between them provide insulation, these windows help with temperature regulation, no matter the season.

Aesthetics And Home Value

You can install double-glazed windows into just about any home. They can be retrofitted into your existing frames if you so choose, or you can pick from a wide variety of customization options.

Double glazing can come in wood, metal, or UPVC frames, in just about any style you desire.

Because your new windows can be designed to perfectly match your home’s existing aesthetic or to improve it by updating its look, you will be enhancing kerb appeal with your double-glazed windows.

This increases your property value, and so does the energy efficiency you’ll be bringing to your home.

Maintenance And Durability

Double-glazed windows are sturdy and low-maintenance, designed to last for many years. To care for them, you will need to see that they’re cleaned once a month and inspect them regularly to catch any damage before it becomes a problem.

While double-glazing typically lasts for about 20 years, some double-glazed windows can last much longer, if properly maintained.

Over time, these windows will more than pay for themselves, saving you about £235 each year in energy costs while increasing the value of your property.

Common Myths Debunked

The Scots developed the concept of double glazing in the 1800s, and an American inventor patented the concept in the 1930s.

Double-glazed windows were used in new construction as early as the 1940s, but in the UK, they didn’t take off until the 1970s or 1980s.

Now, about 93 percent of homes in the UK have double-glazed windows, but misconceptions about double-glazing still exist.

  • Myth: Double glazing is only good in cold climates
    • Fact: In addition to insulating against the cold, double glazing can also keep homes cool in warmer climates.
  • Myth: Double glazed windows will ruin the look of a house.
    • Fact: Double glazing is available in such a wide variety of styles, designs, and frame materials that it’s easy to have double glazed windows installed to perfectly fit your home’s aesthetic.                                                                                                                                          
  • Myth: Double glazing traps moisture and condensation, leading to problems with mould.
    • Fact: Modern double glazed windows are designed to minimize condensation, effectively absorb water, and keep the humidity within the window balanced.
  • Myth: Double glazed windows decrease natural light in a house.
    • Fact: Even with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, double glazing still allows ample sunlight to pass through the windows.
  • Myth: Double glazing is cost-prohibitive.
    • Fact: While the initial investment may be more significant than the cost of installing single-glazed windows, the energy efficiency double glazing offers will recoup the money spent on them. What’s more, there are often government incentives to help offset the cost.

Choosing The Right Double Glazing

When shopping around for double glazing, it is important to take into consideration the different materials available to you, in terms of frames and even glass.

The most popular frame option is uPVC, largely because of this type of frame’s durability and longevity. UPVC comes in a variety of colours and styles.

You can also choose wooden frames, which look good but require more maintenance and more frequent replacement than other options. If you are looking for cost-effective frames, aluminium is a popular choice, and there are also composite frames, made of aluminium and wood.

When it comes to glass, there are several options from which to choose as well.

The least expensive option is annealed or float glass, but if this glass breaks it creates dangerous shards.

Toughened or tempered glass is three to four times stronger than float glass, and if it should break, it will shatter into crystals or cubes rather than shards.

Laminated glass adds an additional level of security, and coated glass filters natural light, to prevent UV radiation from damaging furniture, flooring, and skin.

You can also choose decorative glass, or specialty glass like self-cleaning, fire-protective, noise-reducing, or even bullet-resistant glass.

And, while double-glazed windows are already energy efficient, you can choose low emissivity (low-E) glass to make it even more so.

Low-E glass has a thin coating of metal oxide that provides better climate control while still allowing natural light into the home.

Whatever type of frame and glass you choose, it’s important to have your double-glazed windows professionally installed.

A professional installer will be able to help you get the materials you need, from reputable vendors, at the best price.

What’s more, professional installation comes with a service guarantee, so that you will be protected if something goes wrong.

Costs And Budgeting

Initially, double-glazed windows cost more than traditional windows to install. However, they offer long-term savings by reducing your energy consumption.

At Eliments, we offer financing options to help make the initial cost of installation more affordable.

Local Regulations And Permits

Whenever you have windows installed, there are certain building codes and local regulations to which you must adhere.

Double-glazed window building regulations include guidelines on energy efficiency as well as air supply and ventilation.

Additionally, your windows must allow a means of escape to meet safety regulations.

If your windows are not in compliance with UK Regulations and Standards, and the correct Planning Permission requirements are not met, you, as the homeowner, are liable.

That is why it is so important to hire a window company with FENSA certification so that you won’t have to worry about navigating all the regulations on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of double-glazing installation? The cost of double glazing installation varies, but at Eliments, we beat any competitors’ prices for quoted items, and offer free, no-obligation quotes.
  • How much can I save on energy bills with double glazing? Double glazing can save you about £235 per year.
  • Can I install double glazing myself? Perhaps, but it is wiser to have a FENSA-registered installer.
  • Is double glazing suitable for all climates? Yes.
  • Are there any government incentives for double glazing? Yes, double glazing is one of the energy saving measures for which the UK offers financial incentives.
  • What maintenance is required for double glazing? Typically, just washing and regular inspection.
  • How do I find a reputable double-glazing installer? Read reviews and customer testimonials, and insist on a FENSA-registered company.
  • Does double glazing come with a warranty? Yes, and all of Eliments work is guaranteed.
  • Can double glazing be retrofitted to existing windows? Yes, and this is a good way to preserve heritage windows.
  • Are there any aesthetic limitations to double glazing? Double glazed windows are customisable and available in a wide range of styles and colours.
  • What is the average lifespan of double glazing? Typically, up to 20 years, though some last longer.
  • Will double glazing reduce condensation on windows? Yes, double glazed windows are engineered to reduce condensation.
  • Does double glazing eliminate UV damage to furniture? You can minimize UV damage by using low-E glass.
  • Can double glazing reduce the fading of curtains and carpets? Yes, particularly if made with low-E glass.
  • Does double glazing prevent insects from entering the home? Double glazed windows will not have gaps, so they can help keep out insects.
  • Can I get soundproof double glazing for noisy areas? Yes
  • Are there any tax benefits to installing double glazing? Yes
  • How does double glazing affect property resale value? Yes, because of its energy saving qualities.
  • Can I install double glazing in historic homes? Yes, as long as it doesn’t require significant alterations to the property.
  • What are the differences between double glazing and triple glazing? Double glazing has two panes of glass, while triple glazing has three.

Double Glazed Windows To Suit Your Property And Meet Your Needs

Double glazing is an excellent home improvement measure, because it improves a home’s energy efficiency, blocks noise pollution, and increases the value of the property.

If you are a homeowner making the wise move of considering double glazing, Eliments can help.

For over a decade, Eliments has been enhancing and improving homes, providing high-quality products and excellent customer service to hundreds of happy customers.

Because we have flexibility in our manufacturing process, we are able to fabricate custom-made products that set us apart from other window manufacturers.

We create products to suit your property, within a timescale to suit you, and all of our windows and doors are manufactured to Veka specifications.

If you are looking for the very best windows, doors, and conservatories on the market today, contact us through our website for a free quote.

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